Installing Artificial Grass at our Home!

Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass Recently we had a local landscape design company (FiveSTAR Landscape Design Sacramento), install a new artificial lawn! We are so excited. We wanted to share with everyone why we switched. It looks so real!! You can check out their landscape design portfolio here, they really do a good job. A [...]

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Reclaimed Wood Table Sanding & Staining

Reclaimed Wood Table Sanding, Re-Finishing, and Staining Sanding, Refinishing and Staining (Step by Step) Today we're going to be refinishing, re-staining, and sanding reclaimed wood tables that we bought from craigslist. The tables are in pretty good shape and are structurally very well maintained, however; we want to give them a nice sanding finish and [...]

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Winter Veggie Garden Sacramento (Zone9B)

Winter Veggie Garden Sacramento, CA (Zone9B) Specifically, El Dorado Hills, CA - Our Winter Veggie Garden with Beets, Broccoli, Swiss Chard, Kale, Brussel Sprouts and some Herbs Well, we got started a little late on this winter veggie garden; however, I think we should be fine. We did a recent post on a Succulent Propagation from Leaf [...]

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DIY Paver Stone Steps

DIY Paver Stone Steps and Garden Hose area After a little conversation, we came to the conclusion that a DIY Paver Stone project at home was just the thing we needed for our garden hose area. Paver Stones are one of the most beautiful additions to your landscape and are so easy to install (or [...]

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