Kale and Sausage Soup – Chinese Chicken Salad – Lunch take out

So we talked a little bit about how both Brenan and I work full time. Many times I forget to make myself lunch or grab left overs when I'm racing out the door. Those of you that know me know that I'm always late :) On top of that the project I'm working on is [...]

Veggie French Bread Pizza Recipe

Organic Veggie French Bread Pizza Recipe Sliced Tomato and Veggies on Garlic French Bread Pizza Tonight's Sliced Tomato and Veggies on Garlic French Bread Pizza is becoming one of our family favorites. We just started this idea about two to three months ago and have several variation of it since. The Garlic French Bread Pizza can be [...]

Chicken Fajitas with Organic PURPLE Bell Peppers

Chicken Fajitas Featuring Rare Organic PURPLE Bell Peppers My inspiration for Chicken Fajitas Wow, so one of my first posts for Slightly Organic and my inspiration for the meal this evening is the absolutely gorgeous purple bell pepper front and center. Honestly I’ve never seen a purple bell pepper before and all the reading I’ve done says [...]

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