DIY Stock Tank Pool (Galvanized Stock Tank Pool)

DIY Stock Tank Pools

DIY Galvanized Stock Tank Pool Materials and Step by Step Building

8 – 10 Foot Stock Tank Pool (Bigger The Better)

There are many feed and livestock stores that have them. You may have to have them order a 10′ for you as they never seem to be in stock at 10′. If you go to your local livestock store and they do have a 10′ galvanized stock tank pool in stock, buy it because it will not last long. They range anywhere from $400 – $700 at livestock stores.

Interior Liner Options for Stock Tank Pool

There are a couple options when it comes to making the inside of your stock tank pool better. From custom bed liner paint to replacement vinyl pool liners, there are some pretty cool options for making your stock tank pool a little more comfortable.

  • Monstaliner Bed Liner Tinted Paint: Click Here 
  • Vinyl Pool Liners: Google “Vinyl pool liner Replacements”

Savior Solar Pool Pump or Any Solar Pool Pumps

When you have a Stock Tank Pool, one of the easiest filtration pump systems to set up is a solar pump that floats on top of the water. Running straight from the power of the sun, the solar stock tank pool pump can effectively and efficiently clean your stock tank pool. Installation is a piece of cake! All you need to do is take your solar pump out of the box and place it on the surface of your stock tank pool. No batteries, no nothing! Just pure solar power and it will go to work! Most of the solar power pumps are ran on a 60-watt, 12-volt solar panel made of tempered glass. You can find solar power pool pumps at your local pool store or online all over the place.

Sand Filter Pump for Stock Tank Pool

The Sand Filter Pump is not 100% needed for a galvanized stock tank pool. If in the case you are in a location where you can drain the pool after each use then you will not need a Sand Filter Pump. But, in most cases you will be a local where you do not want to waste that water or you simply can not dump that water on the ground. Galvanized stock tank pools can hold a lot of water. We are talking hundreds of gallons here folks. Keep in mind that if you do not have a Sand Filter Pump it can serious damage to the ground that surrounds your DIY galvanized stock tank pool.

Pool Filter Sand for Stock Tank Pool

There are hundreds of brands when it comes to Pool Filter Sand. Typically you want to be looking for A Properly graded clean sand that is used for commercial grade swimming pool filtration systems. They come in a wide variety of gradation. Typically, the gradation of a pool filer sand is 20/40 gradation. You can use sand from your sand box but we prefer that you pony up and buy the sand that is recommended to you by the pool filter system and the Sand Filter Pump you buy for your Stock Tank Pool.

DIY Galvanized Stock Tank Pool Cleaning

Stock Tank Pool in Nature

Salt Water System

Salt Water Pools are great! We had one growing up and you will absolutely love the feeling of salt water pools or in this case a salt water DIY Stock Tank Pool. Salt water pools are pretty much natural chlorine. If you want optimum performance, you can opt for a Salt Water Pool Filtration System in addition to the Sand Filter Pump.

Bromine Tablets or Chlorine Tablets

If you want to keep your galvanized stock tank pool clean, you may want to invest in some Bromine Tablets or Chlorine Tablets. The difference between bromine and chlorine simply put is Bromine is better on your skin and lasts longer while Chlorine can be harsh on your skin and does not last as long. Read more about the differences here.

  • Bromine Tablets: Active ingredient: Bromochloro-5, 5-dimethylhydantoin 98%
  • Chlorine Tablets: Powerful 90% available stabilized chlorine, 99% Trichlor-S-Triazinetrione

Pool Water Shock

If your galvanized stock tank pool pool water starts to get algae or bacteria growing, you may want to throw in some pool shock. Pool water shock for your galvanized stock tank pool will kill bacteria and algae on the spot. If you are not a fan of chlorine (which we are personally not), you may want to empty your galvanized stock tank pool and manually clean it with soapy water.

  • Note (Dangers of Chlorine): Too much chlorine can cause eczema and rashes. Water that has a high pH value increases susceptible to these kind of ailments. Read More Here.

Your Pool Filter should do a good job of killing the bacteria and algae if you let it run for 24-48 hours. First run your pool filter and if that fails, try the other methods of cleaning your galvanized stock tank pool.

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